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SEND Information

 Guiding Principles

At Barnwell Academy our guiding principles are that of inclusion and personalised learning. We want to identify and break down barriers to learning, making the learning experience for every child tailored to their needs.


Objectives in making provision for pupils with SEND:


  • All pupils have equal access to a broad, balanced curriculum which is differentiated to meet individual needs and abilities of all pupils.
  • The aims of education for pupils with difficulties and disabilities are the same as those for all pupils.
  • Child and Parent / Carer voice is paramount to successful outcomes for children with SEND.
  • Teachers identify and meet the needs of SEND of pupils.
  • Every child is entitled to have his or her particular needs recognised and addressed.
  • High quality resources are offered to ensure that all needs are met.
  • All pupils are entitled to experience success.
  • Consideration of SEND crosses all curriculum areas and all aspects of learning and teaching.
  • Good SEND practice is good practice for all pupils.

The SEND Ranges

All schools, academies and special schools use The SEND Ranges as a common framework to identify additional needs and understand how to support pupils.

The SEND Ranges:

  • will provide a core framework for all professionals working with the pupil and will give greater clarity for parents, families and carers in terms of what their child's needs are, and what their child's needs are, and what each child is receiving 
  • are based on the best practice covered by the Children and Families Act 2014
  • descriptors are based on national best practice in determining the needs of  pupils with SEND
  • are based on the four areas of the SEND Code of Practice (2014/15)
  • are also based on the 'golden thread'; the graduated approach of assess, plan,   do, review
  • have been produced between education and SEND colleagues in other LA's  incorporating parent, carer and family views.  They provide a helpful reference  point in relation to identifying level of need, and will support children and young  people with additional needs with consistency across schools

The full document can be found here.

For further information please contact:

Mr H Procter (SENCO)

Telephone: 0191 5844440

 For more information please view our SEND Information Report 2023-2024.



SEND Key Policies



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SEND Compliments, Concerns and Complaints

The education of all our pupils that attend Barnwell Academy is very important to us.

Compliments are always greatly received and can be passed on either directly to the SENDCO, or formally recorded via our compliments form.

All staff work very hard to ensure that each child is happy at school and makes progress. Any concerns about our SEND provision will be dealt with as quickly as possible.  Concerns can be passed on directly or recorded via our concerns and complaints form.

Any formal complaints would follow our academy complaints procedure.

Any complaints regarding statutory assessments of Special Education Needs (EHCP) should be raised directly with Sunderland Local Authority. More information can be found at the Disagreement, Resolution, Mediation and Tribunal Services. Click on the link to find out more.