Barnwell Academy

Class 1

Welcome to Year 1!

Autumn 1

 In Maths we have been investigating a range of different practical and mental strategies to add and subtract numbers.  


In Geography we have been learning about the UK. We looked at the different countries that make up the UK and found out about famous landmarks from each country. We then created our own pictures of Penshaw Monument.              

 In Design and Technology, we made our own fruit smoothies. First, we explored different tastes to help us decide which ingredients to use. We then chose 2 different fruits to use in our smoothies and we blended them together with ice. They were delicious!







In Science we have been looking at different animal groups. We found out about the features of mammals, birds, fish, amphibians, insects and reptiles. We then sorted these animals based on what they ate and showed whether they were carnivores, herbivores or omnivores. 


In Music we have been learning about the genre of Hip Hop. We have found out the difference between beat, rhythm and pitch and we learnt out to improvise to our own song. 


In Computing we looked at how to represent data in different ways. We collected our own data and then used this to make a pictogram.