Barnwell Academy


Year 4

Welcome to Year 4's class page.


In Year 4, we use several methods to learn our timestables. We have rapidly recalled our tables through several games such as timestable splat and TTRockstars. We have also had fun using popular games such as Twister. 

We use practical resources in maths in order to stimulate learning and we have used the outdoors as a tool to teach maths in a real life context. 






 We enjoy reading various books and writing in Year 4. 

Our BOOKFLIX reading corner has been designed to be a safe and stimulating area to read our favourite books. 








Design and Technology



Finished masterpieces!
Mexican inspired art...









Arbeia Roman Fort

During our Romans topic, we visited the Arbeia Roman fort in South Shields. We learnt that the fort guarded the main sea route to Hadrian's wall. It was a key military base along the wall and is an important part of Roman Britain. We explored the fort where the original foundations remain, including the West Gate, Commanding Officer's house and soldiers barrack block.

We went back in time and learnt how the Roman soldiers lived.

We carefully handled and observed objects which were over 2,000 years old!





Our Place in Europe

 In geography, we identified different countries in Europe using an atlas. 
We have identified physical features within Europe. Looked at tourism and have compared Spain and the UK. 
We are currently looking at Mexico... 


In PSHE, we have discussed the importance of being a good friend, understanding relationships with different people and understanding how valuable everyone is in our society. We have discussed our achievements, either in school or outside of school. We have also identified how to look after our physical and mental health.

Anti-Bullying Week

Odd Socks Day to celebrate everyone being unique and different.

We loved reading for pleasure and showing off our odd socks!