Barnwell Academy

Welcome to Year 6


Michael Carroll Alien Landscapes 




We've been refining our art skills and developing our knowledge about perception and depth by creating alien landscapes in the style of Michael Carroll.


Free Verse 'Deep Space' Poetry. 




Our recent writing included some top-class, philosophical, free verse poetry about the universe and its wonders as well as some interesting, deep space artwork.


Nebular Art



We used a variety of art tools and effects to create the impression of deep space.


Strengthening Structures and Anderson Shelters 




We learned how to strengthen structures and how Anderson Shelters kept British people safe during WW2.


Rationing in WW2



When learning about rationing during WW2, we decided to investigate a recipe ourselves and made some bacon and potato cakes. They were delicious!


Children in Need



We turned out school hall into a Penny Fayre for the whole school to raise money for Children in Need. In small groups, we designed, built and operated games stalls for children to play on and made it fun for them to donate for Pudsey's worthy cause.


Outdoor Maths - Circles



Armed with measure wheels and metre after metre of measuring tapes we went out into the yard to investigate the measurements of circles.



Time Zones



Using atlases and maps we investigated timezones across the world. If a plane leaves Japan at 12:05 AM and heads due East can it go back in time? It turns out no but the concept interested us nontheless...


Impairment Goggles



As part of our learning in Science about the effects of drugs and alcohol we investigated how these substances can impair our senses using special goggles to simulate it.


Internet Safety Day



We investigated how our interests and internet use link us all together in ways we never thought possible!


NEC Futures and Digital Art 




We visited NEC Futures and were lucky enough to have a special session investigating digital art and how programs can be used to create and edit images in amazing ways.





We spent the morning at SafetyWorks in Newcastle. We spent half an hour in each area learning about everything from Metro safety, First Aid, Fire emergencies to the role of the police in out communities.