Barnwell Academy


Healthy Schools 


                   Miss Brown

PE, PSHE, Anti-Bullying & RSHE Lead

    Miss Trueman

Mental Health Lead 

                     Mr Lig

Food and Nutrition Lead

 A positive, healthy school environment enables pupils and staff to enjoy coming to school and the wider school community to feel part of the school. These factors all contribute to children and young people maximizing their potential at school. At Barnwell Academy, we are working towards attaining the Sunderland Healthy Schools Award.  

We currently hold: Platinum Anti-Bullying Charter Award

Gold Great Active Sunderland Schools Charter Award

Bronze Mental Health Charter Award


We are actively working towards our Bronze Awards in Food and Nutrition and RSHE.

Support Services 

Growing Healthy Sunderland offer a range of services to support children, young people and their families.

Food and Nutrition 

As an educational institution dedicated to promoting the well-being of our students, staff, and community, Barnwell Academy pledges to align with Sunderland City Council and embrace the Local Authority Declaration on Healthy Weight. We commit to fostering a healthy environment that encourages balanced nutrition, physical activity, and overall well-being. By displaying this pledge on our website, we aim to demonstrate our dedication to promoting healthy lifestyles and ensuring the future well-being of our school community.

For further information please use the links below: 

Healthy Families

Growing Healthy Sunderland

Alternatively further information or the school nursing service can be contacted on: 03000 031552

Here at Barnwell Academy we undertake the National Child Measurement Programme aimed at collecting data on overweight and obesity levels nationwide in primary aged children. Further information, results and publications can be found linked below. 

National Child Measurement Programme


Environmental Impact


As a responsible and environmentally conscious educational institution, Barnwell Academy pledges to actively support Sunderland in achieving its goal of carbon neutrality by 2040 while promoting healthy nutrition within our school community. We commit to implementing sustainable practices that reduce our carbon footprint and conserve energy, as well as fostering a culture of healthy eating.

Through education, advocacy, and practical initiatives, we will strive to raise awareness about the environmental impact of food choices and promote sustainable food practices, such as locally sourced and organic options. We will encourage students, staff, and parents to make informed choices that support their health and the health of the planet.

By working together with the city and its residents, we aim to create a greener, healthier, and more sustainable future for Sunderland, where healthy nutrition and environmental responsibility go hand in hand.