Barnwell Academy

Our Art and Design Curriculum

At Barnwell Academy, we aim to embody high levels of creativity and knowledge through the delivery of skill driven and progressive art lessons. Our art curriculum is adapted for all pupils so as to provide opportunities to experiment with, invent and create their own works of art.

The teaching of art covers the programmes of study set in the National Curriculum. Art is blocked once per term and taught discretely each week in a coherently planned and sequence of logical steps in order to develop children’s knowledge, confidence, competence and skills in art. Children are taught to produce creative work, explore ideas and record their experiences. They are encouraged and inspired to become proficient in drawing, painting and other art, craft and design techniques. Children are taught specific subject vocabulary to enable them to analyse and evaluate creative works. They investigate great artists and designers to enable them to understand the cultural development of their art forms and use their influence in their own work.

Children are assessed in art through observation and product content. Children are supported and challenged appropriately with all children developing a sense of achievement in their ability and creativity. At the end of Key Stage 2 children will have developed a wide range of knowledge and skills and have fostered a love of the arts to enable them a level of confidence to continue their learning journey beyond primary.


Art Curriculum

Year 1- Autumn Spring  Summer 

Year 2- Autumn Spring  Summer 

Year 3- Autumn  Spring  Summer 

Year 4- Autumn Spring Summer

Year 5- Autumn Spring Summer 

Year 6- Autumn Spring Summer