Barnwell Academy

Our English Curriculum

At Barnwell Academy our English curriculum aims to promote high standards of language and literacy through equipping children with a strong command of the spoken and written word and to develop a love of literature through reading for pleasure. This is essential to participating fully as a member of society.

Our curriculum aims to ensure:

  • children read fluently
  • children develop a habit of reading for both information and pleasure
  • children acquire a wide vocabulary
  • children develop a comprehensive understanding of grammar
  • children appreciate our rich an varied literary heritage
  • children are able to write clearly, accurately and coherently for a range of contexts, purposes and audiences
  • children explain their ideas and understanding
  • children are competent in speaking and listening

English skills are taught discreetly throughout the week, including handwriting, spelling, phonics teaching and reading skills. English lessons follow a teaching sequence where reading for meaning is paramount and children are encouraged to develop a higher order deep level of understanding. Children are exposed to a variety of texts from our literary heritage, including modern and classic texts and use these ideas in their reading analysis and writing. Lessons, which include grammar and punctuation teaching and application, are taught in a coherent sequence and lead to a writing outcome. These lessons develop children’s knowledge and application of skills in a variety of contexts and purposes and children learn how to develop their writing for different audiences. English skills are applied throughout the broad and balanced curriculum.


Reading is embedded into all areas of the curriculum. During discrete reading sessions in Reception and Key Stage One, children read Pearson Bug Club books that are closely matched to their phonic knowledge. Once fluent, these books are supplemented with Oxford Reading Tree and Pearson Storyworld. From Gold level and above, children read a variety of books from different schemes, which include Bug Club and a variety of non-fiction books. Once children are very fluent and have read through levels Lilac to Dark Red, children select from a rich variety of novels from our school resources.

From Year 1-Year 6, children are taught reading skills in whole class sessions including, retrieval, summarising and inference skills. Children reading at Lime level or below, receive 1-1 reading sessions.

Reading for pleasure is important at Barnwell to foster a love of reading. Teachers read a novel to their class at the end of each day from a chosen list of recommended texts. Books are also available in class reading corners and at playtime. All children have access to our school library to borrow a book and take it home to share. Year 6 support children with this.

It is our belief that high expectations, exposure to a variety of texts and opportunities to read widely and often, children will develop into successful readers and learners, achieve their full potential and have the necessary skills to continue their life long journey.

year 1 english long term plan reading and writing progression.pdf


year 2 english long term plan reading and writing progression.pdf

year 3 english long term plan reading and writing progression.pdf

year 4 english long term plan reading and writing progression.pdf

year 5 english long term plan reading and writing progression.pdf

year 6 english long term plan reading and writing progression.pdf