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Our Geography Curriculum

At Barnwell Academy, our geography curriculum intends to foster a curiosity about the world and its people that remains with the pupils throughout their lives. Our curriculum is designed to equip the children with knowledge about a range of diverse places of interest, including natural and human environments. As pupils progress, so too will their knowledge along with their practical skills allowing them to deepening their understanding of the interaction between physical and human processes, and of the formation and use of landscapes and environments.

Geography is blocked once per term and taught discretely each week in a coherently planned, logical progression in order to develop children’s knowledge, skills, confidence, and competence across the topic.

Throughout each year topics are mapped to incorporate different aspects of location knowledge, human and physical geographical knowledge and fieldwork skills. The knowledge developed is delivered through a range of contexts building on topics such as the local area and UK which is revisited throughout KS1 and KS2 giving a more expansive understanding. This allows children to apply what they have learnt to wider topics such as North and South America, China along with field work-based topics such as settlements, farming and rivers.

It is our belief here at Barnwell Academy that through high expectations and quality delivery of this Geography Curriculum that children will develop an in depth understanding of geographical concepts as well as equip children with the skills to continue to be effective lifelong learners.

Geography Curriculum

Year 1- Autumn  Spring  Summer

Year 2- Autumn  Spring  Summer

Year 3- Autumn  Spring  Summer

Year 4- Autumn  Spring Summer

Year 5- Autumn Spring  Summer

Year 6- Autumn  Spring Summer