Barnwell Academy

School Meals

At Barnwell Academy our lunchtime menus are carefully developed to appeal to children and provide the perfect balance of essential nutrients – and to offer them the chance to try a few dishes they may not have tried before. As a parent, you can be reassured that our menus meet national standards for school lunches.  We understand how the right nutrients can positively affect a child’s mood, behaviour, health, growth and ability to concentrate in lessons. We also know how a well-balanced diet now helps to establish healthy eating habits for the future. 

If your child has a special dietary requirement or a food allergy we will be happy to plan and provide a school meal that meets your child's needs.


From 1st September 2023, a school meal at Barnwell Academy will cost £2.45 per day.



meal menu 2023 2024.pdf





These menus have been analysed by a nutrition professional and have been verified as offering a good balanced nutritional composition.  The analysis can be seen here.


School Meal Emergency Arrangements

In the unusual circumstances where our school meals services may be interrupted we may request:

  • Children bring a packed lunch daily
  • Families entitled to Free School Meals will receive a supermarket voucher to purchase packed lunch items 

We envisage these measures would be for a limited time and parents should contact school immediately if they are unable to follow these emergency measures. 

Tel: 0191 5844440